How to add products in cross-sell?

How to add products in cross-sell?

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In the Boundless Commerce system, go to the product form and select the “Additional” tab.

Adding Related or Similar Products: Click on the “Add” button (plus icon) in the corresponding section to bring up a product selection window.

Filtering and Searching for Products: On the left, use the category hierarchy or search bar to find the products you want to match.

Selecting Products: Simply click on a product to select it. The selected product will appear in the “Selected Products” column.

Cross-Sell Relationships: Check the “Add relations between all selected products” box to ensure all selected products are displayed in cross-sell blocks with each other.

Finalizing Your Selections: Once you have chosen all the necessary products, click the “Add” button to have them added to the section and displayed on the site.

Boost Your Sales: With the help of related and similar products, you can increase customer engagement and drive more sales.