How to create variants?

How to create variants?

To add product variants, go to the “Variants and Options” tab and click on the “Create Variants” button. The window that opens will show the characteristics of the product group you’ve already created.

You have the option to base the variants on these existing characteristics, or add new ones.

Adding Characteristics: Simply enter the name and value of the characteristic in the designated fields.

Adding Values: Click on the “Add Value” button to specify the options for the characteristic.

Adding More Attributes: If you need additional characteristics, hit the “Add Attribute” button.

Previewing Options: The bottom of the window will display the options that will be created based on the intersection of the characteristics you’ve chosen.

Finalizing Options: You have the ability to uncheck any options that you don’t want to create, then click on the “Create Variants” button to finalize the process.

And that’s it! The variants for your product are now created. All that’s left to do is specify the prices and stock balances for each variant so they can be made available for sale on your website.

Thank you!