How to upsell or cross-sell successfully?

How to upsell or cross-sell successfully?

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Cross-selling, simply put, is a marketing technique that encourages customers to purchase complementary or related products. For instance, when selling a white T-shirt, similar products could be T-shirts of different styles or colors, while related products could be shorts, pants, or sweatshirts.

The beauty of cross-selling lies in its mutual benefits for both the buyer and the seller. For the buyer, it saves time and effort in searching for related items, and for the seller, it increases sales without incurring extra costs.

In Boundless Store, cross-selling can be achieved through two matches:

  1. Buy with this product
  2. Similar products

By default, the “Buy with this product” block is displayed in the product card below the main information, and its name can be customized. On the other hand, the “Similar products” block is not displayed by default.

Get more out of your sales strategy with the power of cross-selling in Boundless Commerce.