What is labeling? What are the steps for creating a new label?

What is labeling? What are the steps for creating a new label?

With labels, you can make sure your customers never miss the special features of your products or store offers. These labels are displayed prominently on both the main page and product page, right next to the product image.

Choose the Label for Your Product: Go to the product form you want to label and check the box next to the label of your choice.

Create a Custom Label: If you don’t see the label that suits your needs, no problem! Just click the “Create new label” button and give it a custom name, choose its color, and add an icon.

Set Automatic Label Removal: You can set the automatic removal of labels after a specified number of days. In the label form, simply check the “Automatically remove from products” box and enter the number of days.

Remove Label from a Single Product: If you need to remove a label from a product, go to “Products”, select the product, and uncheck the label.

Remove Label from All Products: To remove a label from all products, go to “Labels” in the “Catalog” section of the left menu. Select the label and hit the “Remove from all products” button.

Easy as pie! Whether you’re creating a new label or removing an old one, you’re just a few clicks away from giving your products the attention they deserve.